Shanghai , Shanghai , China | September 10, 2019 | Full time
Industry: Accountancy / Financial Management
Position: Employee
Experience Level: Intermediate

Job Description:

消防值班员Firefighter on duty

Tesla Motors is looking for firefighter for our GF-3 project located in Lingang Shanghai. The position is responsible for fire control room management and site fire supervision. The successful candidate will be highly motivated and will demonstrate a high level of professionalism.


1 进行消防值班,能够适应轮班;

  Be on duty in fire control centre, and can work by turns;

2 进行消防设施的巡视和点检;

  Patrol and check fire protection equipment;

3 配合进行消防演练和培训;

  Coordinate with fire drill and training;

4 消防相关表单的管理;

  Manage the forms of fire protection work.

5 其他消防相关的工作;

  Other work related fire protection;

6 应急响应。

   Emergency Response.


1 Minimum of 3 years of large manufacturing site fire protection equipment management experience, prefer automotive industry.


2 Ability to maintain confidentiality, work under pressure, available on-call 24x7


3 High school degree or above, prefer electrician certificate


4 Have Building fireman certificates


5 Have strong skills for computer and the office software Word/Excel